Sunday, March 13, 2011

Such is life

Gosh I can't believe I have failed at this yet again.  Well in all honest truth yes I can.  Life gets busy but I am lazy.  No I am not down on myself I am just stating a pure fact.

I have started watching what goes in my mouth yet again and the reason.  I took a picture with my son at a school event and was just plain out horrified at what I saw.  I went to a Praise and Coffee event and was stunned at my pictures with me in them at just how big I am.  Its amazing I do look in the mirror every day several times a day and saw myself but didn't really see my myself anyone know what I mean by that.

I am going to go and blow that picture up and tape it to the fridge so am reminded of just how big I have gotten, but on the flip side I can see a precious pic of my son and I. 

I have a nice Breville Juice fountain and I used it for the first time this morning and its great!  I did not like the combo I used which had kale in it and it made my Green Juice bitter I had to add some sweetener to it.  I think if I change it up some it may be more palatable and enjoyable for me.  I also had a nana and coffee to round out the morning.  I think I may make a Green smoothie for lunch to "Fill" me up.

I do have a step box and a workout DVD that I am gonna try out today.  I also bought the Zumba for the Wii and need to crack that open and get cracking.  I found out this week that there is a Submarine Ball in April and I would like to fit into the dress I had from last year I just hope I don't drop too much and it not fit loose wise wouldn't that be a hoot tho.

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